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Creating world-changing calcium based on science


BonStrong is a world-changing calcium, created based on science and cutting-edge technology. Our patented particle pulverization technology was developed by expert researchers led by Professor Dr. Young K. Shim in 2006, and has been scientifically proven to maximize calcium absorption rate and bioavailability without altering the calcium component. Our nano calcium technology, backed by successful clinical trials, dramatically improves the body's absorption rate without causing digestive reactions, and maximizes calcium absorption while minimizing potential side effects. Choose the most advanced and innovative natural solution to support your bone health, dedicated to delivering the safest and most effective way to keep your bones and teeth strong and healthy.


What is Nano and why is it so important?

Nanometer (nm) is a unit of measurement that quantifies length where one nanometer is equivalent to one billionth of a meter (1/1,000,000,000 m). With this incredible microscopic size, our calcium particles have the highest possible absorption rate.

micron calcium    nano calcium   

(Calcium micron particles)   (Calcium nano particles)

By pulverizing our calcium particles to a size of only a few nanometers, we've achieved an absorption rate that's unrivaled by other supplements. Our cutting-edge technology means that each dose of BonStrong Nano Calcium is packed with the highest-quality calcium particles that your body can absorb and use to support your bone and joint health.

Celebrated by Science

Our technology is the Jang Young-sil Award-winning Science and Technology Grand Prize winner in South Korea, the year's best scientific achievements. It remains one of the only technologies worldwide capable of producing nano-sized dietary supplements.




Eastern medicine meets western science



Unlike most calcium supplements made from rocks, BonStrong Nano Calcium uses only high-quality oyster shells that undergo a 10-step purification and pulverization process to create hyper-pure calcium. Oyster shells have been used in traditional medicine for centuries and have been recognized by UNESCO as a valuable cultural heritage. You can trust that BonStrong Nano Calcium provides a top-tier calcium supplement, carefully produced from natural sources.


Recognized Credibility and Achievements

Certificate of confirmation for test parameters. Analysis performed by FDA and California Department of Health Services (DOHS) registered laboratories.



Our advanced formula developed by Prof. Dr. Young K Shim has even been featured in top news programs such as KBS, MBC, and SBS, demonstrating its effectiveness and popularity.


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Our Product

We understand that trust is everything when it comes to your health. Our meticulous crafting process ensures that every bottle of our supplement is of the highest quality, delivering maximum support for your bone health and wellness.

Distributed in:  USA, South Korea, Canada, and Switzerland 


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Mission: Bone Strength

To help people to live a robust life

without bone disease.

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