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Stronger Together

To optimize bone fortification, a combination of synergistic ingredients is necessary. Our team of scientists came up with the most comprehensive list of potent ingredients to enhance all aspects of bone and joint health. This, when combined with nano-sized Calcium, leads to the most powerful combination to achieve robust bone density and strength.


Powerful Nutrients

Nano Calcium 390 mg

Pure Calcium: 97.5% (No impurities or dilution).
FDA recommends an intake of 1,300mg of calcium daily.

Vitamin D3 10 mcg

Essential in helping the body absorb and use calcium.

Zinc 8 mg

Assists bone healing and repair.
Produces protein threads where bone-forming compounds are deposited.
Recycles worn-out bits of bone protein.

Magnesium 120 mg

Like calcium, important component of bone.
Builds bone density: improves bone crystal formation, calcium assimilation into bones.

Vitamin K1 60 mcg

Assists in transportation of magnesium.
Boosts bone formation and mineralization: activates proteins that make bones stronger.

Selenium 28 mcg

Supports bone building: antioxidant supporting osteoblasts (bone building cells).
Slow bone loss: antioxidant hindering osteoclasts (cells that break bones down).

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 200 mg

Joint health, anti-inflammation, and antioxidant effects.
Making collagen and glucosamine which protects cartilage.
Greater mobility, flexibility, and comfort.