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To help people to live a robust life without bone disease

Our proprietary nano-technology, developed by Professor Dr. Young K. Shim and clinical research team at Inhis Inc, enabled the pulverization of calcium particles into a nano size at room temperature without altering the composition. First launched in 2006 by the bio tech company INHIS, this technology has gained wide recognition and has been embraced by millions of people worldwide who are seeking a natural solution to address their bone health concerns, including osteoporosis. Our mission is to assist those who want to improve their bone health with the most effective and safe calcium supplement. 

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At INHIS, we are committed to offering the highest quality products rooted in scientific research. Based in Newport Beach, CA, our expert team, led by distinguished Prof. Dr. Young K. Shim from South Korea, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the development of our products.


For over 16 years, INHIS BonStrong Nano Calcium has been the trusted choice for fighting osteoporosis and arthritis. With a significant number of postmenopausal women suffering from bone and knee joint deficiencies, BonStrong has become a household name and the go-to supplement for many families.


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Professor Dr. Young K. Shim

Prof. Dr. Young K. Shim has an impressive academic background, earning a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of California Davis and conducting postdoctoral research at Princeton University. He then spent 15 years as the director of Korea's finest techno valley, Daedeok Research Complex before being invited to be a tenure professor at Inje University. Dr. Shim developed the world's first patented particle pulverization technology, which was featured on national news stations, leading to the creation of BonStrong Nano Calcium. His research findings earned the year's best scientific achievements and have been published in academic journals, including BioMed Research International and more. Dr. Shim's passion and dedication towards research for his life has led to the creation of the most efficient and safest calcium supplement, BonStrong, which has helped countless individuals improve their bone health.

We envision a world without osteoporosis!

With BonStrong, you can trust that you are giving your body the best possible chance to build and maintain strong bones. Join us in our vision for a world without osteoporosis.