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The Power of Nano

What is Nano?

Nano is a prefix used to describe things that are incredibly small, measured in one billionth of a meter or nanometers. Nanoscale materials can exhibit unique physical, chemical, and biological properties that differ from those at larger scales. For example, BonStrong Nano Calcium leverages nanotechnology to create calcium particles that are much smaller than those in traditional supplements, resulting in better absorption and bioavailability. Nanotechnology transforms materials and devices, leading to innovation in medicine and many areas.

Exceptional Absorption

To achieve higher bone density, it is essential to take highly absorptive calcium. With smaller particle size, nanoscale calcium offers increased surface area which promotes rapid absorption and higher bioavailability. The images below illustrate the significant size difference between standard calcium and nano calcium.


250X Smaller than standard calcium
20X Smaller than red blood cells

The creation of nano-sized calcium particles requires specialized patented technology, resulting in a profound difference in the effectiveness of calcium. Unlike other calcium supplements, which can be 6 to 8 times the size of your red blood cells and result in poor absorption rates of only 4% to 20%, BonStrong Nano Calcium has particles that are 30 to 900 nanometers in diameter and go straight into your bones, allowing for absorption at a molecular level. This increased surface area due to the smaller particle size results in faster and more complete absorption rates of up to 95%, leading to unprecedented effectiveness in building bone strength and density.

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